Speed test

To take into account before performing the test:

Take the test with a guarantee test. Not all the tests that you can find on the internet will give you real results. Use reliable websites such as https://www.nperf.com/en/.

The PC from which you are going to perform the test is connected to the router by Cable. If you are connected by a Wi-Fi wireless network, this speed may decrease due to interference. The speed test should not be carried out from a television, video console or mobile phone, they are not equipment prepared to reach real speed.

You do not have applications and / or programs running at the same time: make sure that you have any application or Internet page closed, both on the PC from which you are going to perform the test, and on the rest of the computers you have in your home.

Some antivirus and firewalls can limit the speed of your Internet connection. If you use a P2P download program, it is also important that you close it, it considerably slows down the speed.