About us

At holaWifi we believe that Internet is not a luxury and we have deployed one of the largest wireless networks to offer service whereever you need it the most. We keep coming forward, investing in improving our network and reaching new places where we can offer our services.

On top of that, we also offer you the best quality service there is. We already brought an groundbreaking product to the market with Fibra Air+, and we are doing it again with LTU, a cutting edge technology.

Who said we only offered internet at holaWifi! We will cover your every need: Internet, Mobile Phones, 4G… and you will al-ways be aware of the payments and conditions. Sign up with the offer that benefits you the most and combine it with our other services as you seem fit. It’s your call!

And, don’t worry, customer or not, we are here to help you if you have any doubt. You can contact us by phone, by Whatsapp or in our shops, and you can always expect a friendly treatment, since we also enjoy talking to people.

Contact us at 671 113 113 or visit our shops and discover all the offers waiting for you or your business.

It doesn’t matter were you are, we will always have something for you!

This is who we are and our values:

Clients and our team are the most important thing, that’s why we strive to make theirexperience an excellent one. A commercial and technical service with afriendly and personal approach, as well as guaranteeing the satisfaction of our employees, are the means to achieve this. We are a family.

Commitment to improve day by day what we do and to develop innovative solutions, always guaranteeing quality of service and attention.

It is our duty to ensure fair and transparent dealings with our customers and staff, aimingto achieve excellence in our service.

We identify and seize market opportunities, adapting quickly to the needs of our clients and staff.

We are known for the determination with which we take on our challenges. We always dare to go further.